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- Profile -

The company's structure is based largely on two elements: first, staff who are highly specialised in the working of alcohol-based perfumes, and secondly, the use of the most up-to-date machinery available on the market.
In the light of this, every year the company plans investment in machinery with avant-garde technology to meet the new and varied needs of clients. Renewing the production process of the company yet maintain it constantly up-to-date compared to its international competitors offering a high-quality, reliable, swift and competitively-priced service. Our extreme price competitiveness results from our management flexibility and the versatility of the entire production system with its particular attention to the filling, packaging stages and cellophane-wrapping.
The search for ever-greater operational standards now enables BIONINFEA to meet the production requirements of any volume: hundreds of thousands of parts as limited numbers of samples which entail the use of semi-automatic benches.
Owing to considerable financial efforts, the critical factors which BIONINFEA feels it can bet its future on are its solidness and efficiency of the equipment it uses, the know-how of its staff, the rationality of its planning and above all its daily management. Currently, its annual production capacity is about 18 to 20 million parts.
BIONINFEA's staff will be happy to welcome its clientele at its offices in order better to illustrate the characteristics and potential of its organisation.

- Warehousing -

To meet the challenge of moving large quantities of materials, the company has availed itself of a complex system of depositing and warehousing of raw materials, components and finished goods. All structures have been deliberately designed and created for the cosmetics industry: the premises are air-conditioned and have multi-storey shelving.
The warehouse management system, wholly computerised, enables all items in stock to be located and quantified in real time.
Factories set aside for warehousing have a capacity of approx. 4,000 m2:
  • 3 covered and fitted-out warehouses of respectively 1,500 m2, 1,000 m2 and 750 m2
  • 1 air-conditioned warehouse for storage of raw materials and bulk maceration; all tanks are on shelves.
BIONINFEA uses the best-known national and international couriers for deliveries and in addition may carry out urgent deliveries or collections with its own means of transport (carrying capacity up to 19 quintals).

- Quality Control - Safety -

Quality control is carried out by personnel who specialise in the company's internal laboratory and who conduct checks, on average, on 50 parts every 15 minutes (maximum) for each functioning machine with related checks of vacuum seal.
Specific checks of work in progress (colour-odour-clearness-viscosity). At the filling stage, a density check is carried out in order to be able to calculate the related slipping as required by Italian law 690/78 DPR 391/80. In addition, a component check is conducted in accordance with the A.Q.L. method, both at input and at output, with a double check by qualified staff.
The company has also adhered to the health and safety at work regulations indicated in Italian law D.Lgs 81/08:
  • Accident-prevention on all machinery and filling lines
  • Electrical equipment remaking and earthing in accordance with Italian laws D.Lgs 186/68 and 46/90 and DPR 462/2001, flameproof equipment
  • Fireproof water equipment created using above-ground hydrants and walls conforming to UNI 10779
  • Safety indications on workplaces in accordance with Italian law D.Lgs 493 of 14.08.1996
BIONINFEA possesses risk-evaluation documents in accordance with Italian law D.Lgs 81/08 Art.4 C2 as well as certificates of the suitability of all materials employed

- Il Nostro Team -